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New York, NY – December 5, 2020 – Grimes, McGovern & Associates announce Ltd has acquired the assets of Issues Ink.

With like-minded management principles and complementary services, the acquisition of Issues Ink further enhances’s extensive portfolio of media and publishing products and services for the agriculture and food industries.

Serving the global seed and agriculture sectors since 1991, Issues Ink features a handpicked team of strategists, storytellers, and marketers. With staff spread across North America and Europe, Issues Ink and seed focused division, Seed World Group, deliver highly focused consulting, strategic solutions, digital tools, and niche content as well as diverse niche media channels to deploy their customer’s marketing messages.

With a long-standing publishing presence in the global seed industry, Issues Ink and its seed division, Seed World Group, together have five media properties in North America and Europe. Their titles include Spud Smart, Germination, the Alberta Seed GuideEuropean Seed and Seed World.

With a strong and dynamic team spread across Canada, the U.S. and Europe, Issues Ink will continue to operate as a self-contained group within the wider group of companies.

“We see there being great opportunities to learn from each other’s successes which will help us drive our future growth and innovation,” says Shawn Brook, President of Issues Ink. “In the future, our companies will work together leveraging our strategic strengths to continue to provide outstanding levels of service to our global clients during these dynamic times.”

Issues Ink was exclusively represented by Marlon Wurmitzer of Grimes, McGovern & Associates.

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More information contact John J McGovern, Owner/CEO [email protected], or 917-881-6563



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