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M&A Resource Library

Buying or selling a business is a complicated and emotional process. Many questions will arise as you are considering next steps. Our aim with this resource library is to collect and offer a variety of articles and documents that help answer some of those questions.

It’s all here. A unique library of M&A resources covering many aspects of buying, selling, appraising, and financing a media, event, technology, digital media, or information services business.

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Appraisal and Assessment Resources

An effective appraisal and assessment process incorporates a mix of finance, business and market assessment, and accounting expertise. Visit our appraisal and assessment library for resources on determining the value of a business.

Resources For Sellers

Selling your business may be one of the most important things you do in your lifetime and may seem like a daunting task. It’s essential to have an accurate value placed on your company to find the right seller. In addition, you’ll want a partner who can stay on top of the complex legal and accounting issues, negotiate on your behalf, and arrange a timely closing. Visit our seller library for resources on finding selling your business at the best possible price.

Resources for Buyers

Building a business through acquisitions requires in-depth knowledge, formulation of strategic plans, identification of potential targets, conduction of due diligence, and negotiation of acceptable terms. The best “deal” for an acquisition is not measured in multiples but rather what the purchase will be worth in five to seven years. Visit our buyside library for resources on identifying and structuring acquisitions.

Obtaining Financing

Obtaining financing is an important step in growing or purchasing a business. There are many options available to sort through. Visit our financing library for resources on how to obtain financing, whether through a bank, private equity, venture capital, or angel investing.

M&A Advice

Today’s mergers & acquisitions marketplace can be complicated to navigate. A successful approach to M&A requires a team that can help analyze and value the business, locate and screen buyers or sellers, negotiate transaction details, and coordinate the complex closing details with all necessary parties. Visit our M&A advice library for resources that can help you better understand the complex process.

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