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Our experience in the events sector gives us a unique perspective on the industry – we have first-hand market intelligence on who is buying, which countries they are investing in and what they want to buy: whether it be events, tradeshows, summits. conferences or hosted buyer meetings; together with trends on prices paid. We have strong relationships with organizers, associations and media companies around the world.

We represent key buyers and sellers around the globe in growing B2B and B2C sectors.

We assist clients with the sale of an entire business, events, a single show or in divesting of their non-core assets.

We maintain an extensive database of qualified prospective buyers in the show industry and we are regularly in touch with Trade and Consumer organizers around the world. Our direct relationships with senior management in many of these companies allows us to keep abreast of acquisition and sales activity within the conference, exhibition and events industry. And the valuation metrics at which these companies are changing hands.

Divestiture Services

Services Provided Throughout The Divestiture Process

  • Establish a plan of sale according to owner’s objectives
  • Set realistic expectations for the selling price, terms, timing of process, staff considerations, responsibilities, transition and post-sale plans. Determine the type of sale desired: private limited sale, auction or pre-emptive solicitation.
  • Determine business valuation
  • Establish a price range in the current marketplace for the company by using our own valuation formula. This formula has taken several years to develop, the methodology used will enable us to provide an accurate range of what sellers can reasonably expect upon a sale.
  • Position and present assets to maximize sales price
  • Advise company on cleaning up the balance sheet and resolving outstanding financial or legal issues to avoid a negative impact on final sales price, delays during due diligence or surprises at closing. Prepare financial information in a way that best showcases the company, and in a format that buyers are accustomed to reviewing within industry standards.
  • Prepare offering memorandum
    This confidential document is presented to potential buyers and includes an overview of the company, detailed marketing and financial information, executive summary and the owners’ objectives. This is the main marketing piece for the sale of the business and the basis of conversations of negotiations with buyer prospects.
  • Target and contact prospective buyers
    Prepare a detailed prospect list of qualified acquisition candidates from our in-house database, provide market analysis, and consider synergistic businesses such as new media, internet, broadcasting and investment companies. Discussions with acquisition candidates are pursued only upon execution of a confidentiality agreement with each prospective buyer candidate.
  • Negotiate with qualified buyers
    Manage negotiations of selling price and transaction terms. In addition, assist in negotiating the business terms of the offer letter, letter of intent and purchase & sale agreement. We are very experienced in negotiating the best possible deal for sellers and we are able to develop creative solutions to complex issues.
  • Coordinate the due diligence and closing process
    Advise the company on how to prepare the due diligence information requested from the buyer and act as an intermediary throughout the due diligence process. We work closely with seller’s attorneys, accountants and other advisors to resolve any outstanding issues, complete the process quickly and ensure a successful transaction.

Contact Us: John McGovern, CEO & Owner, (212) 255-9700; [email protected]

Acquisition Representation

We are regularly retained to assist companies in the development and execution of their acquisition programs. Working closely with the client we will help develop an acquisition program carefully tailored to meet the objectives and to target those sectors of interest to the client.

Through our network of relationships, we keep close tabs on show producers, trade and consumer that may potentially be for sale. We are particularly adept at opening these doors that might appear closed… uncovering properties that are not officially “on the market”. In many instances we can get you in the door first securing an exclusive look at the business.

Our comprehensive suite of buy-side services includes:

Working closely with your team to establish an overall trade show and conference acquisition strategy and plan. Launch and management of that program.

Identify and prioritize a list of acquisition targets and approach those producers.

We can then coordinate and assist in the analysis of the requisite due diligence, assist with financial analysis, act as a middleman in negotiations, and assist in the review of all legal documentation.

Negotiate purchase price and terms to the benefit of the acquiring company.

Advise on the integration of the target company reviewing their operations and procedures, systems and corporate culture.

Suggest cost saving measures upon acquisition to gain economies of scale

The scope of our due diligence services can include:

  • Diligence from the conference floor with interviews with visitors and current and lapsed exhibitors.
  • Competitive review and analysis.
  • Research sector trends.
  • Detailed review and analysis of the business with the existing management

For further information on our comprehensive suite of buyer services contact:

John McGovern, CEO (212) 255-9700; [email protected]

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