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Technology and Information Services are the lifeblood of industry. Digital Media is becoming more and more the preferred delivery vehicle for content. As a result, technology, information services, market research, intelligence, and subscription businesses are thriving.

Every industry or sector has critical technology, online information services, databases or digital media, market research and intelligence that provide decision makers with up-to-date, actionable information. These “workflow” tools are the blood that runs through the veins of those industries. Executives, Investors, and other stakeholders uses these technology, information, intelligence, and media products to make critical decisions affecting their business, customers, employees and shareholders. Consumers reap the benefits of their informed decisions downstream.

These businesses provide a thorough mix of information, technology, data, content and analysis that act as the energy source to power many profitable lower & middle market industries, giving them a unique importance and staying power. 

Using SaaS and other subscription models, these businesses are high-margin, easily scalable with attractive recurring revenue models, and enticing to many buyers and private equity firms.  Many business owners are approaching retirement age with no succession plan in place.  As a result, there has been a drastic increase in Middle Market M&A deal activity, presenting unique M&A opportunities.

Grimes, McGovern & Associates, via the CEO & Owner John McGovern’s 25+ years of experience in information services, technology, market research and intelligence businesses is in the unique position to provide Merger & Acquisition Advisory services from a former operator’s point of view.

Our focus is on small to mid-sized companies in the lower-middle market (revenues between $1 million and $100 million). Within this niche we can provide the same resources, expertise and representation that was formerly exclusive to only the much larger companies.

Please review some of our most recent information services, subscription business, market research, and intelligence transactions here.

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