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Selling your business may be one of the most important things you do in your lifetime. Ultimately the success or failure of the sale may be directly related to the skill used in placing a value on your company, finding the right buyer, solving complex legal, tax and accounting issues, and arranging a timely closing.

A proper approach to selling a company includes full analysis and assessment, a thorough presentation plan designed to attract the right purchasers, locating and screening qualified buyers, negotiating letters of intent, and managing the closing.

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Below you will find some resources to help ensure you receive maximum value in the sale of your business, as well as answers to some of the questions that may be keeping you up at night.

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Process Makes Perfect — Quick musings from the CEO’s desk

Tax Implications In the Sale of A Business

How Talking to a Lender Is Different Than Talking to an Investor

Positioning Your Company For a Merger or Acquisition

Evaluating a Management Team Through the Buyer’s Eye

Choosing and Using a Newspaper Broker

Keys to Maximizing the Return on the Sale of Your Publishing Business

C vs S Corp Deals-Buyer And Seller Beware…

ESOPS – Your Employees May Be Your Best Buyer

Keys to Successful Succession Planning

Ensuring An Effective Exit Strategy For Private Company Owners

Executing A Privately-Held Business Succession Plan With A Leveraged Recapitalization

Protecting Your Company in Talks With a Buyer

Five Ways To Increase the Value of Your Company

Knowing the Right Time to Sell- Keys Questions to Ask

What Goes Into the Sales Price of Your Business

Selling A Small Business-12 Crucial Steps

Myths About Selling a Family Business

You’ve picked a new CEO; now don’t forget the others

Taking Your Business to Market

What to Consider When Selling the Family Business

For Owners-Three Ways to Prepare For Managing Change

Tips on Relinquishing Control from an Executive Who Did So

The Four Myths of Succession Planning: Developing Your Organization’s Future Leaders

Ownership Transition Planning — Secure the Livelihood of Your Business

Workers Retiring? You Need A Plan.

Why Earn-outs May Become More Popular in Negotiated Sale Transactions

Deciding When and Whether to Sell Your Business

Art of the Exit

Completing the Sale of Your Business

5 Tips for Family Business Succession Planning

What to Tell Customers When Selling Your Business

What Business Buyers Want

5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Preparing to Sell Your Business

5 Common Missteps in Succession Planning

Déjà vu deal: What to do when a buyer comes knocking again

Selling Your Business: How To Tell Your Employees

How to Deal with ‘Bad Buyers’ during Sales Negotiations

Writing your M&A playbook: A strategic exercise for sellers

What Impacts the Purchase Price of a Business For Sale

How Sellers Can Avoid Unwanted Surprises During Due Diligence

Have You Saved Enough to Sell Your Business?

8 Questions to Answer About Your Personal Wealth Before Transacting

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