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Global Media & Events acquisitions available for sale are listed below by industry.

Media includes Digital Media, Digital Advertising, Print, Magazines, Newsletters, Publishing, Content Marketing, Lead Generation, and more.

Events include Conferences, Conventions, Trade Shows, Trade Fairs, Exhibitions, Expositions, Summits, Hosted-Buyer Events, Webinars, Festivals, and Fairs.

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Global Media & Events For Sale:

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Media & Events

Human Resources Industry Media and Events for Sale

INDUSTRY: B2B Media (Wealth Managers & Advisors)

TYPE: Acquisition

Highly Targeted Media Business Focused on Wealth Managers & Advisors

A highly targeted media business that exclusively delivers news, opinion, and education for wealth managers and advisors alike. These subscribers manage an average of $160 million in client assets – which is more than 2x the industry standard. The company brings these readers the latest insights vital to their business, reducing the need to pour through dozens of news and industry publications – and serves the most sophisticated advisor that is focused on serving upstream retail and institutional clients.

The company has developed a unique fintech technology dashboard that delivers high traffic visibility and lead generation to its customers. This provides the dollar-for-dollar experience based on the price paid and performance received. These solutions generate year after year continuity revenue with little or no sales costs.

Audience Market – 300,000 Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers. The audience is reached daily via email, webinars, annual reports, and through the main website and demand generation. The company produces 1 daily newsletter and 12 specialty newsletters packed with original content to serve its audience.

Competitive Positioning – Offer influencer messaging access to 3 key lucrative wealth management trillion-dollar spaces: retail and institutional asset management, FinTech driven TAMPs (Turn-Key Asset Management Programs), and Trust Services for Estate Planners, Family Offices, and HWN Investors.

Type of Revenue Generated – A mix of sponsored webinars, sponsored email campaigns, sponsored annual guides, and digital website channels.

Analytics – Built using industry-leading technology provided by Marketo, the company can provide advertisers and customers detailed insight into the audience behaviors and spending performance.

Subscribers – 300,000 Registered Investment Advisors, Broker Dealer Representatives, Retirement Income Specialists, Pension Consultants, and Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers.

Advertisers/Customers – These are leading financial institutions that include: BlackRock, Invesco, Morningstar, Envestnet, SEI, and Orion, just to name a few.

Ownership – The company is privately held, 100% owned by the Founder. They have not raised any outside capital.

Financial Picture – 40% Adjusted EBITDA Margin in 2021 along with 15% revenue CAGR since 2018.

NDA REQUEST: Jeff Gruenhut at 404-849-4156 or [email protected]

Media & Events (Events)

Media & Events (Events) for Sale

INDUSTRY: Transportation Finance

TYPE: Acquisition

Global Transportation Finance Events & Media Business

Focused on one of the world’s most important transportation categories, this company is the leading media and event business dedicated to the finance and leasing side of this marketplace. Face to Face, Online, and print – the company brings together the stakeholders that will invest and spend billions of dollars each year in this growing global business that is critical to moving people and products worldwide.

The company’s 10 annual face-to-face events take place around the globe. They bring together thousands of financing executives (banks, lenders, etc.) and put them one-to-one with the executives making financial decisions to purchase hundreds of millions of dollars of products. The Annual Awards Banquet is a significant industry attraction and is held annually.

The company also produces exclusive content that keeps its audience engaged with its brands and informed about the industry. Through several digital and printed products, the editorial coverage includes information on finance, leasing, legal, regulatory, technology, and environmental issues that impact its audience daily.

Audience – Over 6,300 Industry executives focused on the finance and leasing side of the business who have participated in events. The Audience includes banks, industry executives, OEMs, law firms, consulting firms, and more. They are reached via a Daily Newsletter, Several Magazines, Annual Reports, and various websites

Competitive Positioning – The Company successfully competes in the category because It offers a unique, value-added product to the market that expensive incumbents have dominated. They offer ten face-to-face events plus an annual awards banquet. They stay relevant and ahead of the market via unique content. Their model has proven to work for companies in the sector looking to finance or lease major products.

The conferences bring together senior industry staff and start-up entrepreneurs, and new investors, along with the leasing and finance community, to explore how financing, leasing, and associated service companies can help these companies grow.

Type of Revenue Generated – A mix of exhibition, sponsorship, registration, advertising, and subscription. The largest portion of the business is derived from sponsorship and exhibit sales at live face-to-face events.

Advertisers/Sponsors – These are leading financial institutions and banks that target this industry. Some examples include Citi, Bank of China, and Milbank, to name a few.

Ownership – The company is privately held and owned by three individuals. They have not raised any outside capital.

Financial Picture – Over 40% Adjusted EBITDA Margin in 2022 with substantial growth pace for 2023.

NDA REQUEST/EMAIL: John McGovern at (917) 881-6563 or [email protected]

INDUSTRY: Technology Conference Series

TYPE: Acquisition

High Growth Technology Focused Conference Series

High-growth technology conference/tradeshow series. Strong organic growth and profitability with new cities added this year and more to come. The audience is technology-focused c-suite leaders (CEOs, CMOs, CDOs, CIOs, CTOs). Topics are Saas, Cloud, Big Data, Fintech, IoT, etc. High-growth horizontal market with attendees from many industries. The business has over 200 sponsorship clients, including tech giants such as Microsoft, IBM, Google and Oracle. The company has Marketing Services revenue as well including a community platform with video, all poised for growth.

NDA REQUEST/EMAIL: John McGovern at (917) 881-6563 or [email protected]

Membership/Subscriptions Businesses

Membership/Subscriptions Businesses for sale

INDUSTRY: Energy Middle East

TYPE: Acquisition

Subscription-Based Data & Information (International) Business for Sale

Subscription-based news, data, market intelligence, and research business covering the energy sector and investment climate in a strategically critical frontier market. Industry-leading data and information network, highly acclaimed editorial content, and outstanding subscriber retention rates. Profitable and growing, with significant upside potential in existing operations and opportunities to scale to additional markets.
NDA REQUEST/EMAIL: John McGovern at (917) 881-6563 or [email protected]



INDUSTRY: Linux and Open Source Developers

TYPE: Acquisition

Linux Subscription News Business

A leading subscription-based digital media company for the Linux and open-source development communities available for sale. A wide range of topics including (but not limited to) development projects, distributions, businesses, and more. Its kernel coverage is the media source of record for the kernel community.

The subscriber audience comprises thousands of individual developers and corporations like Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Qualcomm, Red Hat, SUSE, and many others.

This opportunity comes with the option of one of the owners joining the new firm.

NDA REQUEST/EMAIL: John McGovern at (917) 881-6563 or [email protected]



INDUSTRY: Self-Directed Investor Market

TYPE: Acquisition

High Growth Subscription Based Finance Publisher

Tech-enabled subscription services financial platform, delivering unrivaled content and data analytics in investing and the stock market for self-directed investors and financial advisors.

NDA REQUEST/EMAIL: James McDonald at (917) 881-6563 or [email protected]


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