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Tradeshows, conferences, and events for sale:

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Print, Digital, and Content Marketing Business in the Global Agriculture Sector

INDUSTRY: Agriculture

TYPE: Acquisition

This is a well established, profitable global print, digital and content marketing business for sale in the agricultural sector, with over $3 million in annual revenue and EBITDA of just under 20%.  This publication series has a global presence and is well positioned for expansion into other areas of the agriculture industry, as well as advisory and consulting.  Its digital media business is growing fast and will provide a strong margin in 2019 and into the future.

Contact Marlon Wurmitzer at 416-876-6761 or


One of the largest summer festivals of its kind in US

INDUSTRY: B2C/Consumer/Festivals/Music

TYPE: Acquisition

Two top summer food, music and entertainment festivals for sale, one of which is the 2nd largest of its kind in the US. Very well-known 3-day event with top sponsors from banking, retail, insurance and the world’s leading beverage companies. Fantastic opportunity to acquire this profitable business with 25 year history of sponsor retention.

Contact John McGovern at (917) 881-6563 or


Events, Conferences and Media in Construction Market tied to Healthcare, Restaurants, Retail and much more

INDUSTRY: Renovation & Construction

TYPE: Acquisition

The top B2B media and events company serving the Commercial Construction market is for sale.  The acquisition includes monthly summits, Annual Conference along with content rich media dedicated to serving the needs of the market.   Majority of revenue achieved in Conference/Show side of the business.  Established presence in the market for 15 years this business is engrossed with its customers and primed for digital and exhibitor growth.  The brands reach key players – for example in Healthcare, Retail, Government, Architecture and General Contracting.  Unique opportunity to acquire this leader in its fields.

Contact Jeff Gruenhut at 404-849-4156 or


Digital/Print Media Company - Propane

INDUSTRYRetail, Wholesale, Commodity, Propane and LPG

TYPE: Acquisition

This digital and print publication serving the butane and propane industry is being offered for sale for the first time to strategic buyers.  It has a BPA audited circulation of over 45,000 subscribers with research to back up this loyal following.  This publication has impact on major U.S. industries including auto, home, trucking and both state and federal government.

Contact Jeff Gruenhut at 404-849-4156 or

Fast Growth Event Business in the Energy Sector

INDUSTRY: Fracking

TYPE: Acquisition

A very high growth, high margin multi event business in the fracking sector of the oil and gas industry for sale, with revenue growth of 65% and an adjusted EBITDA margin of 53%.  The business includes three U.S. based industry and business development conferences that feature direct partnerships with top industry players.  It recently expanded to include monthly webinars and a newsletter.

Contact Marlon Wurmitzer at (416) 876-6761 or

Energy Industry Subscription Business

INDUSTRY: Oil and Gas

TYPE: Acquisition

For sale, a well developed, profitable report series/subscription business in the oil and gas industry that has been in publication for over 60 years.  With EBITDA just below 40% of revenue, this report series is well positioned for expansion into other oil and gas markets, as well as a webinar series.  Other growth opportunities include expansion into a membership program, as well as advisory and consulting.  Transition of assets and clients will be quick and smooth process, as this organization’s owners are backed by a well established and well-organized consulting and financial advisory firm.

Contact Marlon Wurmitzer at 416-876-6761 or


Food & Wine

Leading Media and Events Business in Culinary, Wine & Food

INDUSTRY: Wine/Craft Beverages/Artisanal Foods

TYPE: Acquisition

Profitable digital media, events and tour business, blending consumer and trade audience in the high-end culinary wine and food for sale.  This ten year old business has always turned a profit, has solid EBITDA and no debt.  Seller continues to innovate, and has a well strategized plan for B2B growth with existing artisanal food, wine and other beverage media brands. Will fit with my specialty food or beverage portfolio.  Compelling opportunity for any media or events company that wants to reach a higher end, influential audience and consumer.

Contact Marlon Wurmitzer at 416-876-6761 or

Human Resources

HR Strategy Conference

INDUSTRY: Human Resources

TYPE: Acquisition

Profitable HR strategy conference bringing together Human Resources and Management through world-class workshops, interactive/engaged community sessions, and high quality content.  The conference fosters an environment building culture in the workplace.  Strong speakers, engaged audience and unlimited networking opportunities.  Great opportunity to acquire and grow this well respected HR conference.

Contact Marlon Wurmitzer at 416-876-6761 or

Meeting Planning

Multimedia Brand in the Meetings Industry

INDUSTRY: Meeting Planning

TYPE: Acquisition

A leading, highly targeted media brand (digital and print distribution) in the meeting planning industry is for sale.  This business is profitable and includes a robust and savvy mix of print, digital, live events and content marketing.  Unrivaled content drives cross platform usage among subscribers and customers.  It has growing digital, event, and a daily/weekly newsletter revenue streams.  Transition of assets and databases will be a smooth process, as owners are well established and organized.

Contact Jeff Gruenhut at 404-849-4156 or


Two Media Publications for Military Communities

INDUSTRY: Military Families, Reserve & National Guard

TYPE: Acquisition

This veteran owned media business has two established and profitable print publications for sale, reaching over 10 million service members. In addition to strong print advertising, these brands have increased digital advertising revenue more than 3x in recent years. One publication is focused on resources for active duty service members and their military families. The other is a trusted resource for U.S. Reserve and National Guard.

Contact Robert Dippell at 415-845-8362 or


Personal Care

Well Established Media and Events in Beauty Market

INDUSTRY: Personal Care

TYPE: Acquisition

Leading media and events provider with the top brands in the men’s and women’s personal-care market offered for sale, reaching an audience of 500,000, and with 2.6 million social media followers.  This multi platform communications and media group has touch points in digital, social, events, video, print, influencers, webinars, podcasts, and more.  It includes many different brands covering different segments of the market.

Contact John McGovern at 917-881-6563 or


Sports & Travel

Leading Conference Organizer Serving Professionals in Sports & Entertainment

INDUSTRY: Sports & Travel

TYPE: Acquisition

The most well established and leading conference organizer serving professionals in and around the sports and entertainment industry for sale.  Through a face to face model the organizer provides a platform for executives to meet and network – while also learning how to better their business locally and nationally.

Contact Jeff Gruenhut at 404-849-4156 or




INDUSTRY: Front-end/UX/Technology

TYPE: Acquisition

A well-established, profitable, highly-regarded front-end conference series with very strong ticket sales and high potential for growth and diversification under a respected brand for sale.  The audience is drawn from a wide cross-section of the front-end, user experience, and digital design communities with a wide range of experience.  Attendees come from everywhere from the development teams of Fortune 50 to freelancer designers.  Great opportunity for an organization having difficulty gaining an end-user audience.

Contact Marlon Wurmitzer at 416-876-6761 or

Technology Conferences

INDUSTRY: Technology/Software Development

TYPE: Acquisition

A collection of developer and business development focused events/conferences for sale in one of the fastest growing tech categories in the world.  Clients are of the vaunted FAANG companies, including Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google.  Strong connection to artificial intelligence (AI) and VR/AR. The flagship event brings developers together with industry leaders to network and learn about the latest opportunities.  Contact John McGovern at 917-881-6563 or



Conference Series in Cloud Computing, Data Center, and Commercial Real Estate Markets

INDUSTRY: Technology/Developer

TYPE: Acquisition

A large collection of regional thought leadership, business development and end user focused events and conferences in North America is for sale in the red hot data center market.  This organization also holds a series of commercial real estate conferences.  Hundreds of clients include such names as Equinix, Vertiv, Raging Wire, JLL, and ABB.  With a strong connection to edge computing, IoT, hyperscale and the data center build and design sectors, as well as commercial real estate, these series bring together buyers, end users and developers with industry leaders to network, recruit, and learn about the latest trends.  In addition, they foster an environment for transactions.  This is a fantastic opportunity to acquire this leader in its high growth space, with unlimited opportunities to grow via topic and geographically.

Contact Marlon Wurmitzer at 416-876-6761 or

WasteWater Industry

Fast Growing, High Margin Wastewater Industry Event

INDUSTRY: Wastewater

TYPE: Acquisition

A highly profitable and growing carve out event held each year in Florida is for sale.  With EBITDA growing annually (current north of 50%), along with double digit growth each of the past three years, this event is positioned for expansion into other regions outside of Florida.  Growth opportunities include expansion within this industry and the growing infrastructure and environmental services categories. With only one owner, we expect a smooth transition to the final buyer.  A unique opportunity to acquire this event with international growth opportunities.

Contact Maron Wurmitzer at 416-876-6761 or

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