Dallas-Qtexas Publishing, LLC Acquires the Texas Triangle and Dallas-Fort Worth Lambda Pages

Qtexas Publishing, LLC has purchased the Texas Triangle and Dallas-Fort Worth Lambda Pages, according to Robert Moore, owner and publisher of Qtexas Publishing, LLC and Voice Publishing Co., Inc. Moore said that the Texas Triangle and Qtexas Magazine would merge the popular content of each publication to create a new state-wide weekly, TXT Newsmagazine, a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) publication. Cunningham said that, “over the last decade, we¹ve accomplished our goal of providing the highest quality news and information resources to GLBT Texas through publishing the Texas Triangle and local telephone directories. The time has come to redefine the world of gay publishing in Texas and we believe Robert Moore and his staff will best serve our community in this new endeavor. This is a pioneering effort that could only be accomplished in a place like the Lone Star State.”

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