FREE COURSE: Anatomy of a Newspaper: Understanding the Business

FREE COURSE: Anatomy of a Newspaper: Understanding the Business 

What will I learn? Anatomy of a Newspaper covers everything you need to understand how newspapers operate as businesses. You’ll explore every major section of a modern paper, from the newsroom and advertising departments to circulation, production and multimedia.

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Along the way, we’ll guide you through the structure, function, costs and challenges of each department with extensive content and relevant study questions.

To understand the business, you have to know the vocabulary. So, we also define every important term throughout the course. And we give you a chance to test your vocab with a challenging crossword puzzle.

After mastering the basics, you’ll apply what you’ve learned in a case study. As the new assistant to the publisher of the fictitious Daily Gazette, you’ll be called upon to resolve a financial planning dilemma for your boss.

How long will it take? Each section takes about 20 minutes to review and complete. And you can use the accompanying questionnaires for each module to test what you know and practice what you’ve learned.

About our Training Partner: The Maynard Institute is the nation’s oldest organization dedicated to training media professionals of color and to helping the news media reflect the nation’s diversity in staffing, content, and business operations. This course was initially developed for participants in Maynard’s Media Academy, a program for new managers.


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