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Technology, Digital Media & Information Services For Sale

Technology, Digital Media & Information Services acquisitions available for sale are listed below by industry. Click on each opportunity heading to learn more. These businesses may utilize Saas, Daas, subscription, and other membership models.

Looking to sell?: Grimes, McGovern & Associates has buyers looking to acquire businesses in technology, digital media, and information services especially in the following sectors:

-Recurring Revenue
-SaaS/PaaS (Software/Platform as a Service)
-Information Services
-Digital Media
-B2B and B2C Media

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Technology, Digital Media & Information Services For Sale:

Click on each opportunity title to learn more.

Digital Media

Digital Media companies for sale 

INDUSTRY: Pharmaceutical

TYPE: Acquisition

Highly Profitable & Established Pharma/Biotech/Drug Development Publishing Business for Sale

Highly profitable 22-Year-old publication in pharma/biotech/drug development and sponsored content aggregation. Connects technology and service providers with R&D scientists/managers, business development professionals, and corporate managers working in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide.

Products include print and digital publications, ebooks, interviews, webinars, white papers, newsletters, and an event brand.

Connections: This publication provides pharmaceutical professionals with practical solutions to the issues, opportunities, and challenges in dynamic drug development communities through insightful scientific, business, news, and technology-related formats. Complementing business development initiatives, connecting clients with and influencing the audiences that matter most: investors, business partners, technology and service seekers, and regulatory agencies.

Well-established in the Market: This publication provides news in pharma/biotech/drug development to online visitors (36,000+ monthly) spread globally and has significant numbers in the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific. It includes weekly newsletters and email campaigns that have roughly 15,800 online subscribers. The print subscribers are 10,880. Feature client retention rates of 65%, and the client’s lifespan is 3 to 5 years.

Financial: These all come together to provide high profitability and high margins.


John McGovern at [email protected] or call (917) 881-6563

Tim Smith at [email protected] or call (541) 817-5449


Information Services

Information services companies for sale


INDUSTRY: Technology, Digital Marketing

TYPE: Acquisition

Digital Marketing & Technology Research Advisory Firm

Overview: Digital Marketing and Technology Research and Advisory firm.  Catering to enterprise buyers of Marketing Technology platforms, the company provides research, advice and consulting worldwide.  The Company targets key “MarTech” segments, including Customer Data Platforms, Personalization,  eCommerce and Content technologies, as well as roadmap advisory for enterprise MarTech “stacks” as a whole.  The company is a “Buy-side” Analyst firm, meaning they do not advise vendors prior to providing their advice and research.

Customer Profile:  A diverse customer base that reaches most industry verticals – with some heavier concentration in Medical/Healthcare, Logistics and Transportation, Food/Beverage and Media/Broadcasting.  Some examples of customers and subscribers include:  John Deere, Hilton, Delta, and Coca Cola. 

Competitive Positioning:  The Company provides Critical and Independent Evaluations with a unique set of proprietary interactive decision-support tools for subscribers to output custom advice from a knowledge base.  They do not advise  vendors, allowing the company to be a singular independent voice to provide exceptionally candid evaluations on the strengths and weaknesses of suppliers. 

Type of Revenue Generated:  The Company produces several consistent types of revenue.  These include:

  • Research & Advisory Subscriptions
  • Council Membership Subscriptions
  • Consulting Services

Ownership: The Company is a Subchapter S Corporation and is Majority owned by the current CEO. 

Financial Picture: Revenues compared to 2019 are up almost 50% with very strong repeat customers and strong membership renewals each year.  No client accounts for more than 10% of Total Revenue and 2022 Adjusted EBITDA margin is over 40%.

NDA REQUEST/EMAIL:  Jeff Gruenhut at [email protected] or call (404) 849-4156



INDUSTRY: Beverage Industry

TYPE: Acquisition

Food Industry Consulting & Information Services Business

For Sale is a Food Industry consulting and information services business with proprietary info based on data submitted directly from top manufacturers. Consulting business is focused on competitive strategy, market analysis and sizing, supply chain issues and other strategic topics and team is often hired to work alongside McKinsey, Bain etc on projects.  Info services business has top “need to have” online database for all companies in the market, with detailed sales data and other extensive info.

Market – Food Industry companies and related markets such industry suppliers, financial investors, and research firms. Clients are C-Suite – CEO, CMO etc.

Revenue Breakdown –Consulting 70%, Information Services 30%.

Subscriber Database – 50,000+ receive weekly news updates.

Owner/Leadership –94% owned by involved owner who will stay on. Both sides of the business have strong leaders who are involved in the process and will stay on.

General Financials – 2022 Revenue under $5m.

NDA REQUEST/EMAIL: John McGovern at (917) 881-6563 or [email protected]


Technology-oriented companies for sale

INDUSTRY: Podcasting Business in Technology Topics

TYPE: Acquisition

Technology – Podcasting Business in Technology Topics

A highly targeted podcasting platform that delivers exclusive custom content to its devoted network of subscribed IT professionals. Through a mix of nine distinct podcasting brands, the company helps sponsoring customers build brand awareness and generate direct connections and sales with the loyal audience. Since inception, the company has achieved over 31,000,000 total episode downloads.

Audience: Over 100,000 IT professionals spread out across the globe engaged with the podcast platform in 2022. The audience is reached via a mix of daily and weekly shows that range in education and news content. The company produces a mix of nine different podcasts that appeal to various segments of their audience. The audience being targeted by sponsors has a Total Addressable Market between $200 Billion and $500 Billion.

Competitive Positioning: A unique content strategy provides professional development, market awareness, analysis and perspectives that support not only their work needs but also personal goals. This creates long term engagement and a sense of partnership. Additionally, the company is seen as a trusted advisor providing analysis, perspectives and viewpoints that support their professional skills. Further, the audience have suffered through decades of IT marketing and become skilled in avoiding ‘lead gen’, outreach and cold calls. Conversely, The Company is entrusted with time and attention.

Type of Revenue Generated: All revenue is generated from Sponsorship.

Analytics: Built using industry leading technology – the company uses Blubrry, RSS Feeds and other high-tech enabled platforms.
Subscribers: Over 100,000 Subscribed IT professionals spanning across the IT Infrastructure segment. This audience is generally looking for professional development, career vision, product strategy and market information.

Advertisers/Customers: These are leading suppliers of IT Infrastructure Technology and include brands like Intel, Cisco Systems, Broadcom, VMware and Akamai, to name a few. The company has a current sponsor retention rate exceeding 90%.

Ownership: The company is privately held, 100% owned by the two Founders. They have not raised any outside capital.

Financial Picture: Over 40% Adjusted EBITDA Margin in 2021 and 2022 with Sales Exceeding $1.5mil.

NDA REQUEST/EMAIL: Jeff Gruenhut at [email protected] or call (404) 849-4156

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