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Technology, Digital Media & Information Services For Sale

Technology, Digital Media & Information Services acquisitions available for sale are listed below by industry. Click on each opportunity heading to learn more. These businesses may utilize Saas, Daas, subscription, and other membership models.

Looking to sell?: Grimes, McGovern & Associates has buyers looking to acquire businesses in technology, digital media, and information services especially in the following sectors:

-Recurring Revenue
-SaaS/PaaS (Software/Platform as a Service)
-Information Services
-Digital Media
-B2B and B2C Media

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Technology, Digital Media & Information Services For Sale:

Click on each opportunity title to learn more.

Digital Media

Digital Media companies for sale – COMING SOON.

Information Services

Information services companies for sale


NEW: Highly Targeted Event and Community Platform in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Sectors

INDUSTRY: Information Services/Conferences/Events

TYPE: Acquisition

Highly Targeted Event and Community Platform in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Sectors

This is a leading, highly targeted event and community platform bringing together the most talented innovators and influencers in the data science and artificial intelligence sectors. The company hosts global events: both live in-person conferences and online virtually during the pandemic. The company has a history of delivering high margin events and is well-known for having a best-in-class support team to execute their targeted conferences. They reach a community of over 300,000 AI and Data Science influencers, and provide them with the education and content needed in the demanding field of machine learning and AI. Revenue is derived through a combination of Sponsorship and Ticket sales. There are multiple actionable near-term and long-term growth opportunities in this sector.

Market – Data Scientist and Artificial Intelligence experts across dozens of major industry’s.

Revenue Breakdown – The business drives revenue through a mix of Ticket and Sponsorship sales to it’s global events.

Conference Sponsors – Well known brands such as Intel, HP, IBM, RedHat, SaS and Microsoft – to name a few.

Conference Attendees – The leading and most talented industry professionals seeking training and skill enhancement in the area of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

The Ownership – The business is majority owned and operated a seasoned veteran of the industry and is willing and able to provide leadership through a transitional period.

Contact Jeff Gruenhut at 404-849-4156 or email:


Technology companies for sale

Linux Subscription News Business-Technology

INDUSTRY: Technology

TYPE: Acquisition

A leading subscription based digital media company for the Linux and open-source development communities available for sale. A wide range of topics including (but not limited to) development projects, distributions, businesses, and more. Its kernel coverage serves as the media source of record for the kernel community.
Subscriber audience is made-up of thousands of individual developers and corporations like Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Qualcomm, Red Hat, SUSE, and many others.
This opportunity comes with an option of one of the owners joining the new firm.

Contact: John McGovern at (917) 881-6563 or

Technology - Digital Video Company

INDUSTRY: Technology/B2B

TYPE: Acquisition

“Digital Video company with significant media partner network.  Sophisticated workflow and platforms to manage streaming services, content syndication and programmatic revenue. Assets include 171 connected TV apps targeting 65 local US markets, with over 2 million installs. Strong complimentary digital business for large groups or PE firms holding digital publishing assets.

Contact James McDonald at or call 215-668-3678

Enterprise SaaS Platform with Explosive Growth

INDUSTRY: Technology/SaaS

TYPE: Acquisition

Pioneers in the scalable, virtual mentorship space for sale, their Enterprise SaaS platform provides curated mentor matches, connecting the next generation of leaders to experienced mentors within their organization. The customizable platform helps companies increase revenues in two primary ways: increasing employee engagement and reducing turnover costs by $27,500 per employee. The company’s virtual mentorship and inclusive technology has made them a leader in the Diversity & Inclusion and Learning & Development space, with multiple applications in both areas.  Their Enterprise SaaS platform launched in 2017 with one of the Big Four consulting firms as its first client. This contract has renewed year over year and has grown to a 6-figure relationship.

The company has recently closed a deal with a multi-billion dollar social media company to lead their diversity and inclusion virtual mentorship initiative. The software has been proven, scaled, and integrated with existing software in some of the largest companies in the world looking for digital solutions for their development, engagement, and retention needs. The company is run by a passionate 4-person team with proven experience in the industry. The leadership team seeks to increase its exponential growth with a strategic acquisition partner.

Contact John McGovern at (917) 881-6563 or

High Growth, High Profit Leadership/Diversity, Tech Leadership Conference Series

INDUSTRY: Leadership Conference Series

TYPE: Acquisition

Bringing together masterminds from across the globe, this conference series embraces diversity and celebrates excellence for sale. Established in 2017, the company hosts a 3 day technology-focused conference allowing leaders to showcase their brilliance in tech, foster deep business connections and generate real funding opportunities. It’s flagship conference, which took place in February, was unaffected financially by the current pandemic, and is close to reaching 2020 targets.

The company is aggressively working on an online event strategy to work in conjunction with its secondary fall conference in order to expand attendance and participation. The owners are paving the way for the next generation of leaders to emerge and create the next multi-billion dollar technology organization.

Contact John McGovern at (917) 881-6563 or

Profitable High End Developer and Technology Conference/Virtual Event Series

INDUSTRY: Front-end/UX/Technology

TYPE: Acquisition

A well-established, profitable, and highly-regarded front-end conference series. With very strong ticket sales and loyal attendee base, the Company has been taking advantage of the current economic climate by adding virtual events that meet current needs ranging from one-day topic-focused events to a planned week-long online conference for the fall. High growth potential for global diversification.

The audience is drawn from a wide cross-section of the front-end, user experience, and digital design communities with a wide range of experience.  Attendees come from everywhere from the development teams of Fortune 50 to freelancer designers.  Great opportunity for an organization looking to acquire an end-user audience and database.

Contact John McGovern at (917) 881-6563 or

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