Publishing Companies for Sale

Publishing Businesses For Sale

For more than 60 years, we’ve helped owners and publishers in the sale, acquisition, and assessment of thousands of daily and weekly newspapers, shoppers, alternative and city papers, niche regional, real estate, senior focused, parenting magazines, digital news, and hyperlocal news products. You can view current publishing businesses for sale using the toggles below.  Contact our Associates for questions and/or an NDA on any business listing.

Publishing (Trade, Consumer & Newspaper Media) for sale

Trusted Brand in Affluent Market-Florida Region

​This award-winning newspaper delivers hyper-local coverage to nine communities along one of the most affluent stretches of Florida’s East Coast.   Readers eagerly await the next issue for its coverage of news, in-depth features, arts and culture important to them.  Loyal advertisers return month after month because they find it an effective way to get their message to the 15,000+ households.

NDA REQUEST/EMAIL: Tim Smith at (541) 817-5449 or [email protected]


Community Impact Journalism in the Pacific Northwest

​The paper services the communities along the border of Oregon and Idaho. The region has experienced suburban growth in recent years as the state’s largest metroplex has grown. The well-managed weekly newspaper has provided these communities with hyperlocal news. The print facility has become the region’s hub for newspaper printing and specialty print work. The newspaper is a central part of the communities it serves, with a loyal readership and advertisers.

NDA REQUEST/EMAIL: Tim Smith at (541) 817-5449 or [email protected]


Digital News Outlet

The online newspaper has a long history of profitability in coastal San Diego. This product serves one of the most affluent beachfront communities in San Diego County. Passionate local coverage of news, events, and lifestyle has grown engagement and revenues, positioning this property for years of continued growth and profitability. The publication has a positive cash flow with an impressive high-profit margin. Enhancing the infrastructure includes a Director of Sales and a Newsroom of 11 reporters.

NDA REQUEST/EMAIL: Tim Smith at (541) 817-5449 or [email protected]


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